Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Dinner

Easter. A time for reflection. A time for families to gather and go to church to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. In our family, that is what we do. We then have a traditional, sit down dinner with all the trimmings. Equivalent to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, the capacity of the food which is consumed with the time spent afterwards unbuttoning pants and looking for a good place to nap. The hammock was a favorite spot this year.

This year, I decided to host our Easter dinner. I love to entertain and I feel that I do a good job at it as well. In this excerpt, I will be giving tips on how to have a beautiful, inexpensive Easter decor for your table and for your guest. As well, as a reasonably budgeted and thought out menu.

The first tick on the perceptual list is to come up with your guest list. You have to know how many guests you will have before you can start budgeting and planning the menu and decorations. I have tried many a ways to send invitations. Word to mouth is good, but if your significant other doesn't happen to tell you how many he has invited and you have in your mind how many you have already invited...there could be an issue. Not to pull a page out of the 50's, but the hostess should be able to control the invitation list; with, of course, open communication with the host. I have tried the postal invites, emails. Facebook, and my favorite e-vites from The main issue I always have is in the RSVP. Time for my soapbox....It is very important when you receive an invitation with an RSVP, that one RSVP in a timely manner. As a hostess to many a party, the amount of food and the amount of decorations/party favors is dependent on the RSVP received. As a guest, if you do not RSVP, don't expect there to be enough food or favor for you to have some. Harsh..yes. BUT, it doesn't take 5 minutes to pick up the phone or write an email to the hostess saying Yes or No to the event. Granted, I break my own rule, and make a little extra just in case I have that one or two persons that don't RSVP. If you decide to e-vites, my favorite place on the web is;  its free and user friendly.

Once you have a guest list, then you should be able to have a handle on how much you will need for decoration, party favours, and the menu. I happen to be a conniver of the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Walmart. These three store are your friends when it comes to entertainment on a dime budget. This Easter, I decided to do very simple decorations. A vase of tulips and the pretty silver birds I received for helping at Crystal's wedding. Each of the guests had a traditional Easter basket with candies and cute little toys I got at Dollar Tree and Walmart. The table was set with spring colours of Fiesta ware dishes. The name plates, favour baskets with Hersey Kisses and their name. It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate to be beautiful.

The Menu: In choosing a menu, one must consider several factors. 1. How many guest. 2. Personal preferences. 3. The genre (Traditional, American, Italian, etc).

This Easter, I chose the traditional Easter menu with a few variations. Ham, spiral cut and honeyed. The vegetables and starches were as followed:  sweet potato casserole, roasted potatoes, creamed carrots and peas, tomato and mozzarella salad, deviled eggs, and rolls. Dessert was strawberry mini cakes and lemon meringue pies.

Happy Entertaining!